5 Reasons Why You Must Never Build Your Home Yourself!

Beginning a building project can be very exhilarating and exciting. Watching bare land being transformed, block by block, to a building can lead to a sense of accomplishment at different stages and at every milestone reached. But, like most people who have built homes will tell you, things can quickly spiral out of control and […]

The Essential Guide To Building For Senior Citizens

One of the stark realisations we come to reach in life is how our parents grow old. Once, they towered over us and we looked up to them- literally. But as we get older, so do our parents. At some point, they can’t sweep us up on their shoulders anymore, their movements are slower, and […]

6 Proven Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Safe

Answer this truthfully on a scale of 1-10. How safe/ accident-free are the bathrooms in your home? Have you ever had accidents or near-misses where it really could have gone very bad? When you really think about it, if you consider the slippery surfaces, the risk of getting burned by scalding water, the hazards related […]

Your Complete Guide To Room Sizes In The Home

If you have visited enough homes or ever gone house hunting, one thing you immediately notice is how some homes have very big rooms and living spaces as compared to some other homes where the rooms look like poorly-thought slices. Why are room sizes and living spaces so different? Is there any standard? Or, at […]

Why You Need A Home Office

In quite a lot of our recent home designs and construction, there has been an uptick in our clients’ request for a home office. More and more homeowners and landlords believe a home isn’t quite complete without a home office. Is this a passing trend? Or has it come to stay? And should you consider […]

The Ideal Home By The Ideal Real Estate Developer

Regardless of house type- an apartment complex, terrace homes, semi- and fully-detached duplexes, bungalows etc, the ideal home must meet certain minimum standards and qualities. Among other things, it must be visually-appealing, welcoming and comfortable and its design must positively affect the quality of life of those that live in it. The ideal Real Estate […]

The Epitome Of The Ideal Real Estate Developer

Over the last two weeks, we have explored why the services of a Real Estate Developer should be engaged in a building project. In addition, we have explored some of the unique features of ideal homes built by Real Estate Developers as an indicator of what to pay attention to when scrutinising their track records. […]

One Way To Stop Failing At Joint Ventures!

At 3Dmatic Atelier, we absolutely love JVs! Every different JV comes with unique situations, unique goals, unique challenges, and unique opportunities. Successfully navigating these peculiarities and emerging with successful outcomes for all parties that often surpasses anticipation of our partners, is an adventure we have grown quite exceptional at. But if Real Estate JVs are […]

You Must Read This Before You Embark On A Real Estate Joint Venture

We should begin first by understanding what a Real Estate Joint Venture (RE JV) is. Generally speaking, a Joint Venture refers to a business arrangement where two or more parties come together to undertake a project by pooling their resources- money, experience, and expertise- together to accomplish more than they could on their own. In […]

Five Mistakes To Avoid Designing Floor Plans

One sentiment most often expressed by most of our clients and intending clients is their surprise at how effortlessly we make small plots work for family units and how the rooms aren’t just spacious, but also well-placed in relation to each other, making for an overall perfect flow and connectivity. Admittedly, it is one of […]

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