5 Extremely Effective Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor spaces of your home is an extension of the indoor spaces. Or should be, ideally. It is almost always the first impression a person gets about your home. In many instances, however, outdoor spaces are cluttered dumping grounds for no longer wanted items and filled with barely tended bushes- especially backyards! But transforming […]

Do NOT Buy Land Until You Read This!

If you have purchased land, then you are likely aware how sometimes contradictory land sizes and measurements can be. Depending on who you’re talking to at any point in time, a plot of land could assume several different sizes and shapes. It can all get pretty complicated, very quickly. So, what is the size of […]

All You Need To Know About Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plan homes are a relatively recent architectural trend and has, surprisingly, shown immense staying power. Around the world, it is quite popular among creatives as well as the young and upwardly mobile, as it gives them the flexibility and mobility they value. But it is also a favourite for families which place an […]

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Property Developer

As we have stated in a previous article on Joint Ventures, a high number of large real estate projects are financed and developed as a result of Joint Ventures. But not only large plots can be developed through JVs- even relatively smaller plots can be developed using the same method. Joint Ventures, therefore, can be […]

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wood Floors

When building a home or redesigning interiors, one key element that cannot be overlooked is flooring. Getting it right is very important as it can make or mar a home’s finishing. Of the many flooring options available, wood is one of the oldest. While the sleek style of hardwood floors first showed up as long […]

DO NOT IGNORE The 5 Important Things To Consider in a JV

Across Africa, as we have established in a previous article, Joint Venture agreements are not only an increasingly popular way to develop real estate, they are also a great way to make money. Land owners who understand that developing their properties would lead to significantly higher returns, typically seek out partners to finance development. These […]

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