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All You Need To Know About Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plan homes are a relatively recent architectural trend and has, surprisingly, shown immense staying power. Around the world, it is quite popular among creatives as well as the young and upwardly mobile, as it gives them the flexibility and mobility they value. But it is also a favourite for families which place an emphasis on social interaction, increased connection with the natural world, and an efficient use of space.

So, what are Open Plan homes?

An Open Plan home, also called Open Concept, is a home with any floor plan combining two or more rooms which would traditionally be divided with a floor-to-ceiling wall and/or a door. Open Floor plans could be any of three variations of room combinations collapsed into one- Living Room and Dining Area; Dining Area and Kitchen; or Living Room, Dining Area and Kitchen.

What makes Open Plan homes a great idea?


Open Concepts make homes seem breezier, more spacious and larger than life. If you want the optics of a massive home but do not have the luxury of a massive budget, Open Floor homes are your best bet. Walls and doors can make a space feel smaller and restrictive. In Open Floor homes, these walls are absent and this gives the impression of sweeping expansiveness.


Open Plan homes are multifunctional, versatile, flexible spaces. With Open Concepts, space can be flexibly arranged and rearranged to serve as a living room, a home office, an entertainment space or whatever else you want it to be, depending on your needs in the moment. Because it does not have partition walls, furnishings and accessories can be easily reconfigured to create different room layouts.

Natural Lighting

If you really love natural light, you would love Open Plan homes. With Open Plan homes, especially with floor-to-ceiling windows and fewer interior obstructions, natural light reaches more spaces, making the home brighter. When your home is bathed in sunlight frequently, it is healthy, relaxing and beneficial for, not only you, but also pets and plants in the home, if you have any.

Better Traffic Flow

With Open Concepts come true freedom of movement within the home. When there are no doors to open and close, and no walls that block movement, it improves the interconnectivity of spaces, people are better able to move around freely and unhindered, and that saves time as multiple tasks can be done faster.

Entertainment Purposes

Perhaps the biggest advantage often cited by strong proponents of the Open Concept home is the entertainment value. For sociable extroverts, few other home types serve as much advantages for social gatherings and entertaining guests than open floor plans. For creatives, an Open Floor plan allows them express to the fullest. And if your home doubles as a studio or workspace, this is just perfect!

The expansive space makes it easy to bring in additional seating for invited guests, and leave room for free flow of traffic without having the feeling of being overcrowded.

Open Floor plans are highly desirable and have come to stay and while they are ideal for property with smaller square footages or footprints, they may also be adopted by bigger properties.


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