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The Detail Apartments


The Detail Apartments TM is a real estate brand developed by 3DMatic Atelier Limited, an indigenous company owned by savvy Industry professionals dedicated to delivering brilliant bespoke yet affordable housing to discerning investors-cum-homeowners.

Our unique offerings are fueled by our approach to Housing. For many, the promise of home ownership ends at the delivery of the building and the clichéd “Landlord” title that goes with it. With The Detail Apartments, delivery of our housing units to our clientele is astutely hinged not only on the monetary ROI (Return On Investment) but the emotional end of the ROI – the sense of satisfaction in the thorough thought, process, form and functionality employed in crafting and developing the structure, THE HOME.

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The Detail Apartments, Abijo G.R.A. – GroundBreaking Ceremony

Every great achievement always starts in the form of an IDEA. The difference between the idea and the expected result lies in its execution.

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