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The Ideal Home By The Ideal Real Estate Developer

Regardless of house type- an apartment complex, terrace homes, semi- and fully-detached duplexes, bungalows etc, the ideal home must meet certain minimum standards and qualities. Among other things, it must be visually-appealing, welcoming and comfortable and its design must positively affect the quality of life of those that live in it.

The ideal Real Estate Developer, when constructing homes for clients, makes sure of these. But they often go beyond, and this marks one key difference between professionals and charlatans.

If you choose to engage a Real Estate Developer for your residential project (if you read our last #3DMQuickLessons post, you know you should), what are some things in their past projects you should look out for as indicators of what they consider when designing and developing a home?

Brightly Lit, Airy And Well-Ventilated Spaces

Brightly lit, well-ventilated homes are ideal for living. Where there is ample sunlight and sufficient ventilation and air-flow, home dwellers are not only happier but also stay healthier. Great ventilation and plentiful light are great for people, pets and plants. Good developers know this and it reflects in their designs and developments.

Ergonomic Design

Great developers take ergonomic design very importantly- ensuring a good fit between people, the environments they live in, and the things they interact with. Ergonomic design and well-utilized, highly functional spaces, which take proximity and posture of home dwellers into account, are some of the most important aspects of an ideal house.

Good Quality Construction Materials

The ideal Real Estate Developer never, never, never compromises on good quality materials for construction because they understand that, overtime, the name they earn for themselves in the market and the reputation they build, which directly translates to increased sales, is tied to great construction and happy clients. What do the past projects of your real estate developer look like?

Quality Fixtures & Fittings

Good taps, light fixtures, wall sconces, shower fittings, bathroom fittings, and pipe and plumbing fittings often add up to make an enormous first impression and help make a property look exclusive and luxurious. Like good quality construction materials, a home with quality fixtures and fittings is proof of an excellent Developer.

Capacious Indoor Spaces

Outstanding Real Estate Developers understand the importance of large spaces and they know how to get this done. As an example, with simple tweaks like high ceilings, built between 10-12 feet, rooms look more spacious. Large windows, glass walls and lighter colour hues also help greatly, as do intuitively designed storage spaces that can help declutter rooms.

Decent Outdoor Spaces

As more and more people see their outdoor spaces as extensions of their living rooms- entertainment and relaxation centres- they have begun to care how presentable these spaces look. They want lawns and pools, attractive terraces and pergolas etc. Not only are these features nice to look at, but they also do a lot of good for one’s health. The ideal Real Estate Developer takes this seriously.

While this is not an exhaustive list, they form the basis of what an ideal home should have. And in choosing a Real Estate Developer, finding out how much attention they pay to these details helps you in making a smart decision.

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