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Why You Need A Home Office

In quite a lot of our recent home designs and construction, there has been an uptick in our clients’ request for a home office. More and more homeowners and landlords believe a home isn’t quite complete without a home office. Is this a passing trend? Or has it come to stay? And should you consider it in designing and constructing your home?

One key advantage that the advancement in technology has brought with it is the ability to work remotely and the ease and efficiency with which remote work can be carried out. However, what may have been the greatest contributor to the recent and quick upsurge in adoption of remote work would be the Covid-19 pandemic.

As more people and companies adopt remote work, it becomes important to ensure optimal productivity through the creation of a suitable and dedicated working environment. The kitchen island is not a workspace. Neither is the dining or laundry room. The distractions in the living room directly hampers concentration. The couch or bed is a bad idea for prolonged sitting for work.

A home office must be a space specifically set aside for work- preferably with a door, which can ensure minimal distractions and reduce inconvenience to your family.

What is it like to work from home? If you choose to work from home- full time or part-time, why is it vital to have a properly set up home office for your business and in balance with the needs of your family? What are the advantages of a home office?


The most important advantage for having a defined home office is the privacy it offers you, for phone calls, teleconferences, or to concentrate and get work done. Kids will play and pets will stray. These distractions affect optimal concentration and performance. Having a dedicated space to keep your work separated will allow you to concentrate and be more productive.


Another important reason to have a separate home office is for safekeeping of files and sensitive documents that can’t be left lying around. In the absence of a home office, these files risk being misplaced, or stained, or discarded in error or shredded by children and pets. Sensitive information may also get into the hands of persons they are not intended for. Investing in a dedicated home office that has a door which can be locked is important.


With a home office, you are free to work anytime work calls without causing inconvenience to other inhabitants in your home or being inconvenienced yourself. You may choose when to switch on or switch off lights- whichever would best help you work better at any single time, take calls for however long it may be required and attend tele-meetings.

Other advantages of a home office include

  • Saves money otherwise used for fuel and rent
  • Strengthens family relationship by increasing time spent with family
  • Helps environment by reducing carbon footprint from emissions in daily commute
  • Keeps you healthy by reducing unnecessary exposure

If you are building a home, a dedicated home office/study is important. And if you already have a home, converting an unused space or reclaiming some space in your home to use as a dedicated home office can prove very beneficial.


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