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5 Extremely Effective Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor spaces of your home is an extension of the indoor spaces. Or should be, ideally. It is almost always the first impression a person gets about your home. In many instances, however, outdoor spaces are cluttered dumping grounds for no longer wanted items and filled with barely tended bushes- especially backyards!

But transforming that is easier than you think!

Your outdoor space should serve as more than just a first impression. It should be comfortable enough for the family to lay back and relax in after a hard day’s work or on weekends, to play in and bond, or to host friends.

A beautiful, functional outdoor space in your home is an asset.

Let us look at five easy ways to turn your yard into an oasis.


Often enough, the first step to a transformed backyard is decluttering and cleaning. Your backyard is not a scrap yard. Tidy up. Take out that broken washing machine. Get rid of that bag of unwanted items. Organize the needed items. If they’re not absolutely essential, chances are they would never be. And you wouldn’t miss them.

Decluttering is an important first step because it helps you figure out what to do with the space and where to position items.

Undertake Landscaping

Of the many things that can be done to transform an outdoor space, the most obvious is landscaping.

Plant trees, flowers and greenery. Have the hedges trimmed and lawn mowed. While you can contract this out, doing it yourself can be a form of exercise and can be highly therapeutic. And if natural lawn may be too much of a hassle, you can opt for artificial lawns.

While planting trees could be great for your health and the environment, take note to avoid trees with aggressive and invasive roots which can affect the foundation of your home.

Install Walkways

A beautiful lawn could quickly have ugly footpaths if walkways aren’t provided and people have to tramp through the greens. Walkways are a perfect way to avoid this problem and maintain the beauty of your home landscaping.

Beautiful cobblestone or interlocking brick walkways, asides from being functional, can also be highly aesthetic.

Install Furniture

Beautiful, functional furniture add character to any space.

Before adding furniture, however, you may need to ask a few questions to clarify things. Do you have children that need to play outdoors? Think treehouse, kiddies chair and tables and slide & swing sets. Do you host a lot of guests? Think outdoor grills and gazebos. Do you frequently sit out and just enjoy the air? Think pergolas and big umbrellas with patio chairs. Do you have pets or intend to? Think of furniture that can’t be easily torn-apart or destroyed.

These questions will help you determine what furniture is best for your space.

Light It Up

Your outdoor space should look. As beautiful and inviting at 9 o’clock in the evening as it looked at 9 o’clock in the morning- or even more. One way to do this would be through lighting.

Using a mixture of task lights, decorative lights and ambient lights, around trees, by the fences, along walkways, in the pool and elsewhere, you can transform your yard to a truly magical and breathtaking space!

With so many options and possibilities before you, there is no limit to what you can achieve in transforming your outdoor space to something enjoyable and memorable and somewhere you’d thoroughly enjoy being in. Why don’t you go ahead and start now? And if you’re developing a new project, have a talk with your property developer on implementing this.


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