Spruce: 3 Bedrooms + 1 BQ Terrace Duplex

Uniquely laid out and masterfully designed, Spruce is a 3-Bedroom + 1 B.Q Terrace Duplex with its spacious, exquisitely-finished interiors and high ceilings making it remarkable and unforgettable. Spruce, which signifies well-groomed, dapper, smart and elegant, represents its name in its entirety, in form and function- smart lights, smart access door, elegant ensuite rooms, stylish […]

Urbane: 4 bedrooms + 1 BQ Terrace Triplex

Urbane is a beautifully-designed, three-level luxury 4-bedroom + 1 B.Q home, offering two multiple living rooms and spaces that perfectly capture the essence of a magnificent lifestyle. Framed by bold, strong lines, the exterior and interior of this imposing Terrace Triplex exudes a regal confidence that can’t help rubbing off on its occupants. The pristinely-finished […]

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